Team spirit, respect & fun

Our team at Stiegl-Keller

More than 40 employees between the ages of 19 and 59 from 6 different nations - that's our team at Stiegl-Keller.

Florian Grollegg, our operations manager, leads the team with a great deal of warmth, understanding and respect. Not only our guests should feel comfortable with us, but the well-being of our team is also very important to us! So we’re grateful that many of our employees have been with us for more than 5 years, some of them even since the business was taken over in 2012!

Florian Grollegg, your host

Florian is our operations manager at Stiegl-Keller and a total restaurateur at heart. After successful years of being self-employed at Zirkelwirt restaurant in Maxglan, Florian has been part of the Gassner business at Stiegl-Keller since 2015. A passionate hunter, a skilled chef, a beer sommelier, a champagne connoisseur, a Vespa lover and a family man – that`s Florian. Above all, however, he is an indispensable part of our team and always a support – as was the case with the last business takeover of Stiegl-Klosterhof.

Thank you Florian for your efforts!

Alex Nagy, our chef

Alex has been with the Gassner family for more than 10 years and is the calming presence in the Stiegl-Keller kitchen. Nothing can fluster Alex… even if the receipt printer is running at full speed and the outdoor restaurant is at full capacity in the Summer time, Alex always keeps an overview of the situation and has his team under control. We are very grateful to have Alex and his wife Kitty at #teamgassner! Köszönöm Alex az elkötelezettségedet!

Gernot Brückler, our banquet manager

Gernot has also been part of the Gassner “family” for a long time. He started his career at Stiegl-Keller in 2012 with his wife, Simone. She wanted a change and began working at the Gassner restaurant at Hellbrunn palace, he returned to the fortress mountain restaurant in 2019 after having been at other companies for a couple of years. Since then, Gernot has been the contact person for all events at Stiegl-Keller and takes care of the well-being of up to 1,000 guests. Thank you, Gernot, for your loyalty and commitment – we are very happy to have you back in the team!

Lukas Wolf, our restaurant manager

Luki is the long-standing rock of our Stiegl-Keller crew. He has been with us at Stiegl-Keller almost continuously since 2012 and is very knowledgeable across all departments. He has had a real career with us: Starting as an assistant serving beverages and food, he quickly discovered his interest in the service industry. When he was in his mid-20s he decided to do an apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist. After successfully completing this and having positions as a waiter and deputy restaurant manager, today he is our restaurant manager and beer sommelier. Luki we are proud of you and grateful to have you in the team!

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One family, one team

The Stiegl-Keller team is one big family. Florian Grollegg, our manager, has been running the operations since 2019 with a great deal of warmth and closeness to the staff.
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