Attractions in Salzburg

Worth visiting in Salzburg

Take your Salzburg-Card and get started! This card grants you open doors to the museums of Salzburg as well as a free ride with the Festungs-und Unterbergsbahn. The public transport is available free of charge as well. This enables a detailed exploration of Salzburg without obstacles.


The classics among the attractions are easily found:

The Fortress of Hohensalzburg is definitely worth to visit! It is located on top of the local mountain of Salzburg. With its area of 7000m2 it's one of the largest castles in Europe.




Strengthened it goes on to the center of the city of Mozart:


Of course, you must have seen Mozart's birthplace! Without having seen that, you simply cannot depart from Salzburg.

But dont forget that there is not "just" history and past in Salzburg, but also very much present.

The museum of modern art on the Mönchsberg has acquired a great reputation when it comes to the artistic representation of contemporary art.