Salzburg's old town

 Salzburg's old town is one of the most beautiful old towns in Austria

The old town of Salzburg is one of the most beautiful in Austria. The narrow alleys and the historical buildings are worth to see!

A perfect day in Salzburg starts with a stroll through the streets of the old town. Enjoy the austrian flair at a walk and a good cup of coffee.

In the old town of Salzburg you will find attractions such as the Fortress of Hohensalzburg, Mozart´s birthplace and more. The entire Getreidegasse is one attraction.

You dont have to search for a long time to find attractions in Salzburg. You will practically trip over them. Lets start the adventure Salzburg old town! 
Maybe you should not aim at a special goal when walking through Salzburg. Just let yourself get carried away. You will discover attractions, nice shops and cozy pubs at every step anyhow.