The Salzburg brewing culture

We love our beer!

Here in Stieglkeller tradition meets modernity. The traditional handcraft of brewery meets the

modern gastronomy. This combination is worth to visit and makes every stay unforgettable!

Hundreds of years ago beer was stored in the Stieglkeller. Due to the fact that beer was only brewed between September and March, the storage was then relocated to the basement, in order to make the beer more durable.

In the Stieglkeller this long brewing history meets the present and the current standard brewing process. The Märzen beer still exists and is one of the most popular beers.
It originally owes its name to the fact that beer could only be brewed until March.


Since then loads of varieties have been added.

The brewery tradition is very important for the team of the Stieglkeller.

But we are not afraid of change and progress.

Have a look by yourself! We look forward to welcoming you!