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Hospitality is a must for the family Gassner! The gastronomy-experts know what they are doing. Every stay is an experience!

The buisness was founded in 1993, when Josef Gassner jr. and his team startet to create culinary delights for customers all over the world.


From 1996 till 2008 the traditional restaurant Latschenwirt was in the possession of the family. 


2001 the family Gassner took over the inn Schloss Hellbrunn and the attached restaurant Atelier to Schloss Hellbrunn. Since 2011 the Hellbrunner Adventzauber takes place every year.


In 2008 the family Gassner absorbed the hotel and restaurant Schlosswirt zu Anif, with traditional austrian cuisine.


Moreover, the Gassner-gastronomy led the Casino restaurant in Schloss Klessheim from 2009 until April 2015. Culinary delights were connected with gambling and a tasteful atmosphere at the casino bar.


The traditional inn Fürstenbrunn is property of the Gassner family since April 2011. Currently the inn is runned by its tenant Francisca von Walderhoff with a lot of commitment.


2012 the Stieglkeller has been absorbed by the family.


The family Gassner and the whole team look forward to welcoming you in one of the establishments!