The history of the Stieglkeller

A few historical details about the Stieglkeller in Salzburg

The Stieglkeller is of course closely linked to the beer culture in Salzburg, which in turn is closely linked to the brand Stiegl. For more than 500 years beer is brewed here in Salzburg!


The Stieglkeller is named after the possibility of storage the beer in the basement. They originally brewed from September to March, in summer, the beer was stored in the basement, so it was more durable. The name of the beer Märzen comes out of the time, when this type of beer could only been brewed in March/ März.

The Gassner Family is aware of the history of the Stieglkeller and the responsibility arising therefrom. Whoever takes over a  restaurant with such a long beer culture should continue and develop these traditions with care.

In 2012 with the takeover by the Gassner family, a new chapter started at the Stieglkeller.


The team of the Stiegelkeller looks foward to welcoming you in the restaurant!